Testimonials - HR

We’ve created this page as a resource to view some of the feedback from Halo users, doctors, health professionals and more. If you any questions about the Halo Rejuvenator or have feedback you’d like to share with us, please feel free to contact us.


“I love it! I can say goodbye to my headaches the heathy, natural way.I’m a wife, mother, trainer, runner, and basically an all-around active person. For years my neck and shoulders were constantly sore. NOT ANY MORE!”

 -Moji Austell, Pilates Studio Owner


“After using the Halo Rejuvenator to help heal the tension in my chronic neck pain from sitting in front of the computer all day, I was amazed! I no longer go home and take a pain killer to help the tension go away. Now, I just put on the Halo during the day and it helps my neck stay loose throughout the day!”
-Dan J Smith,


“I love the Halo Rejuvenator.As a harpist, my neck, back and shoulders are prone to over use and injury, and used to be chronically painful. Now, with just a few simple movements, the Halo Rejuvenator has put my neck back on track and feeling wonderful! My shoulders are more flexible and relaxed, my arms do not get as tired…even when I play for hours.”

 -Melissa Morgan, Professional Harpist


“The Halo Rejuvenator is helping my patients with chronic head, neck pain and upper body musculo-skeletal pain. It is the best home exercise unit that I have used to date for these specific patients. It is cost effective and requires minimal office time to demonstrate.”

 -Dr. Peter L. Kopko, D.C, Mission Hills Chiropractic San Diego, CA.


“I love using the Halo because it makes me sit up straighter in my office chair. I am in my chair for 6 to 8 hours a day and the Halo helps make my posture straighter. I feel better and more refreshed after using the Halo! It’s kind of like a cup of coffee to keep you going. It’s a very simple idea that I am surprised no one has thought of before. At least it is finally here!”

 -Dennis DeSouza,


“I’ve been using Halo everyday for about 15-30 minutes and it DOES WORK! I get pain when I work on computer for a long time (It seems the source of the pain is coming from my neck) but after using the Halo, the pain quickly goes away. It’s really amazing why a simple device like this can work like this.”

 -Shinya Suzuki, Computer Engineer


“I often suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to tension and stress. For several years I have relied on medication such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Advil to relieve the pain. The medication provided only temporary relief, to a permanent problem. I have finally found a way to control the pain without depending on medication.”

 -Doris Charles, Business Owner


“The HALO works on many levels! As a holistic practitioner, I recommend it to my clients’ as a simple, effective stretching tool to release musculo-skeletal pain and stress.”

 -Maury Liwerant, Structural Integration Therapist Balance Point


“Often my neck spasms when under stress and is compounded when sitting in front of the computer for hours. I have been using the Halo for a month. IT WORKS… the pain goes away within 10-20 minutes.”

 -Kate Woods, Real Estate Broker


“When I start to get a headache, I try to treat it early. Not everything works for me and I’m always skeptical about new products. But, when I used the “Halo” for the first time, I felt relief right away.”

 -Debbie Bischel, Digital Hold Systems, Inc.


“As a physician who works with many patients suffering from prior concussions or brain injuries, as well as chronic neck pain and headaches, I often find a relative deficiency of proprioceptive (position) awareness of the head and neck following prior trauma, which then impacts posture, breathing, and chronic muscle tension. For the proper patient, the Halo Rejuvenator helps to provide that normal and crucial feedback to the brain, and significantly improves the balance and postural re-training which we are performing. These functional improvements impact and reduce symptoms in a long-term and sustainable fashion.”

 -Dr. David Lindemann, M.D.,