Halo Posture headweights are one of the most powerful ways of preventing and reversing Forward Head Posture, Text Neck as well as their related symptoms and dysfunction. This ingenious device accomplishes its’ goal in two ways.

First and foremost, the Halo Posture headweights serve a strengthening tool not for a single muscle but, for the entirety of the body’s uprighting and antigravity system – all the way down to the feet. These muscles perform their antigravity functions both subconsciously and isometrically and they must be conditioned and trained in the manner in which they operate if meaninglful progress is to be made. These headweights make that possible.

Second, these headweights enhance proprioception and therefore physical awareness of head postion. By alerting the head’s relationship to the gravity line, the brain is forced to recalibrate muscular tension of muscles throughout the body to bring the head back in line with the pull of gravity. By physically moving the head back in line with the body’s center of gravity, cervical lordosis is encouraged, the alignment of facet joints improves and the body as a whole moves into a more efficient position from which to resist the pull of gravity. 

All in all, the Halo Posture headweights create the perfect environment for generating lasting postural change in the body.

- Yoni Whitten, D.C., C.C.W.P.




Early in my Chiropractic career I found adjusting patients and seeing positive results in subjective complaints was nice, however I was still frustrated not achieving consistent, measurable, objective results in terms of correction on x-ray. So around 2006 I began to study all the techniques and information available to achieve better improvements. Since then I have used everything from Pettibon and their rabbit ear bar-style headweights, to CBP, to the CLEAR Institute methods. All of these techniques have made great advancements and I am grateful for their contributions to our great profession.

As time advanced, naturally there is an evolution in the products that are available. Old bar- style weights, while they served their purpose, had the disadvantage of leaving dents in foreheads and often resulting in headaches of their own. Not to mention the drops and falls that resulted in many reports of broken tiles and blackened toes. From there I actually produced my own headweights for a while, filling velcro strapped bags with lead shot purchased from a local gun shop. While much more comfortable they lacked refinement. So finding the Halo Posture, I was thrilled with the quality of the design, the comfort of the materials to the wearer, and the time it saved me in having an economical and versatile product I could stock readily for all of my patients. For years now, while I individually evaluate each patient’s needs through extensive x- ray, and now DMX analysis, I find the vast majority of my patients respond best to the Halo Posture of all the products we’ve tested. Best of all, patients who are prescribed and involved in home therapy and rehab take greater responsibility for their care rather than holding the doctor solely responsible. This makes for a true partnership which brings great rewards to all involved.

Through DMX analysis I then designed the Posture Trainer in coordination with Halo Products who now manufacture the product. This was a perfectly matched partner for the Halo Posture further helping to maintain an upright posture while encouraging normal spinal curves. Through this combination we are now achieving posture correction better than ever before, more reliable and consistent scoliosis reductions than ever before, and recording predictable patterns through initial testing that we use to more efficiently manage patient care. This makes the whole process more satisfying for the patient, more affordable due to less waste in ineffective components of care, while also maximizing profitability for the practice. I encourage all concerned health care providers to put these points into practice because poor posture is a global epidemic, and these devices provide the best means of support available today.

- Dr. Michael Bucknell




For 16 years I have been teaching approximately 35 seminars per year and I also have an active private practice.  Along with the clinical information, I demonstrate products that provide additional solutions to assist doctors while helping their patients. 

After much success with the seminars and in my practice, I was introduced to the Halo Posture Head Weighting System. I immediately recognized the improvement in the quality of this product, compared to anything similar in the industry. The Halo Posture Head Weighting System also provides a therapy for the cervical spine and the nervous system that I was not currently using.  The progressive system that starts with a symmetrical 1 lb head weight, then progresses to the anterior 1 lb weight, 2 lb weight, etc. is perfect for addressing a patients individual need and providing  a progression to be able to maximize the healing and strengthening benefits and to enhance structural correction.

We also incorporate the head weights with various dynamic movements, such as standing

up from a chair, lying to standing, etc. We also use Halo Posture head weights with other rehabilitation equipment.  There is the benefit of increasing neurological recruitment while doing a variety of band exercises for shoulder and/or pelvis while using the head weights.  We have also seen the Halo Posture head weights work amazingly well when athletes incorporate it with the use of a “Calf Master” for performance training. 

I highly recommend any professional include the use of the Halo Posture Head Weighting System by itself or along with their other treatment protocols as a valuable addition to their practice.

- Jerome Rerucha D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S., C.H.P.S.

Certified Human Performance Specialist




Dear Scott;

I wanted to send you a quick note describing the incredible benefits I have seen in patients with a common (and commonly missed) spinal instability resulting from auto collision trauma. As you’re likely aware, the cervical spine is often injured in auto collisions. In fact, considering the results from several recent studies, the percentages of those involved in auto collisions that suffer some degree of permanent injury is right around 50%.

Permanently injured tissues can include bone, ligament, tendon, intervertebral disc, or muscle. We have been using Halo Posture products to address the instability resulting from traumatic injury to the spinal ligaments, specifically those located at the top of the cervical spine. Injury to the Alar Ligament(s) can result in a very problematic spinal instability of the upper cervical spine, as it can affect blood flow to the brain. In my clinic, we have found Halo Posture products to be especially helpful in the rehabilitation of such instability, although this happened somewhat by accident.

In the mid-2000s, we began using Halo Posture products to help address anterior head posture in our patients. Some of our auto trauma patients had received head weighting rehab protocols for their anterior head posture. Coincidentally, a handful of these also had significant instability at C1-C2 secondary to Alar ligament injury. Once these patients completed their rehabilitation and were re-examined, we noticed that their instability had greatly improved. This stood in contrast to the patients who’d suffered Alar ligament injury but didn’t have forward head posture, and therefore hadn’t received Halo Posture rehabilitation.

After some study, we realized that the same suboccipital muscle groups that help restore normal posture when strengthened (namely the Obliquus Capitis (OC) Superior and Inferior, and the Rectus Capitis Posterior (RCP) Major and Minor), also help to stabilize the Occiput-C1-C2 joint complexes. As such, we recommend and utilize Halo Products for not only Forward Head Posture, but for serious spinal instability.


Jack Sells D.C.