What is the difference between the Halo Posture and the Halo Rejuvenator?

The Halo Posture is effective in treating Forward Head Posture and restoring Cervical Lordosis (normal curve). The Halo Rejuvenator is effective when addressing cervical rotation immobility, upper body myofascial and musculoskelatal pain. The Halo Posture is an anterior(forehead) weighted(1-5lbs) headband which neuro-muscularly activates the cervical extensors resulting in cranial realignment of the spine. The Halo Rejuvenator is a 1lb proportionally balanced headband which engages all the cervical muscle groups when flexion, extension and lateral exercises are performed.

What weight sizes are available?

Halo Posture head weights come in five standard weights ranging from 1-5 lbs. The 1 lb Posture is designed for children and those adults who find 2 lbs of initial weight uncomfortable. Head weights 2 through 5 lbs have the ability to attach a 1 or 2 lb soft weight to the top of the tubular portion of the head band. The attachable weight design allows the doctor to start their patient at a lower weight and gradually increase the weight (if desired) as muscle strength improves. It is also cost effective for the patient as they avoid the cost of purchasing a second head weight.


What is the recommended weight size a patient should use?

The most commonly used head weight is 2 and 4 pounds. It is always recommended to start with a lighter head weight. Heavier weight is not always better. Use the lightest head weight that creates the most reduction in FHP.


How long should the patient be expected to wear the head weights?

Although results vary from patient to patient, most doctors versed in head weighting protocol agree that to achieve maximum long-term results, a patient should wear the head weight daily for a minimum of 20 minutes for 60 to 90 days. Activities such as walking, using a treadmill, exercise ball or vibration board will accelerate proprioception and increase stimulation of the righting reflexes. It is important to stress to the patient that continued use (once or twice a week) of the Halo Posture along with adjustments is important to maintain the results they achieve after 60-90 days.


Are these head weights effective when addressing Lateral Translation or Tilt?

They can be effective for Tilt. Simply turn the head weight emphasizing more weight to the side of the head with Tilt and visually establish whether Tilt has improved.


Do the Halo Posture head weights adjust for varying head sizes?

Yes. All the Halo Posture head weights (except the 1 lb Posture) have two velcro adjustable straps to accommodate all head sizes. The 1 lb Posture has one adjustable strap


What are the head weights made of?

Our head weights are made with a material known as Geoprene rubber. Unlike Neoprene, Geoprene is a non petro chemical based product made from limestone whose organic structure is 99.7 percent calcium carbonate.
The benefits of Geoprene are numerous from both a health and performance standpoint. Most notably, Geoprene disburses no toxic chemicals into the skin through absorption. As for performance, the manufacturer of Geoprene (Yamamoto Corp.) claims that Geoprene will last almost twice as long as Neoprene. Additionally, Geoprene is considered a green product (ecologically safe for the environment).


Are the head weights and its protocol billable to insurance?

Yes. Please contact us at 888-884-4256 and we will provide you with the billing codes.