Dr. Edythe Heus

Dr. Heus began her career as a chiropractor, specializing in kinesiology. In Dr. Heus’s practice, her patients’ bodies became her teachers, revealing subtleties not found in any textbooks. As Dr. Heus diagnosed, tested and treated hundreds of patients, something unexpected happened: Patterns began to emerge. Remarkably, the patterns were the same for everyone–from the injured to world-class athletes.

These universal patterns, along with the neurological shortcomings she saw in popular exercise programs like Pilates, Cross Fit and Yoga, inspired Dr. Heus’ breakthrough concept of Revolution in Motion. Dr. Heus’ exercises were unlike any in existence. She challenged the notion of what it feels like to get fit. Gone were the grueling sessions and repetition, which characterized much of conventional fitness. Dr. Heus’ exercises were deceptively playful. They satisfied her clients’ senses and engaged their nervous systems with novelty—all without lifting more than 10 pounds. Most importantly, Dr. Heus’ exercises consistently achieved extraordinary results for her patients in a fraction of the time.