Posture Trainer


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For practitioners determined to give their patients the optimal chance of correcting their spines, sending them home with a Posture Trainer is a must. Otherwise we leave a gap in their care which surely will be overcompensated by texting and hours at desks and computers.

This is where the Posture Trainer comes in, and how and why it works:

  • It’s worn in active daily activities, simultaneously and non aggressively correcting rolled shoulders, forward head posture, cervical kyphosis, and kyphotic TS without being so aggressive it flattens the TS. The flexible components also add incremental exercise simply through normal movement.
  • It’s comfortable enough you can exercise in it, or even sleep in it, or just wear it for long periods of time due to flexible components and soft cushioning in critical areas so you can truly retrain sustained posture.
  •  The Posture Trainer rolls behind the CS then in front of shoulders like a backpack rolling them back, then crosses over the back pulling forward the Thoraco-Lumbar junction before buckling in the front. If posture is to be corrected, this position must be trained in order to be sustained.

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